Shanghai’s “Little Princess of Anfu Road” Is An Unlikely Inspiration

The “Little Princess of Anfu Road” is a Chinese woman, believed to be in her early 50s, who always goes out in elegant Lolita-style dresses. Photos began making the rounds on social media, drawing mixed reactions from the public. While some call her a breath of fresh air, others think she’s a crazy old lady who dresses younger than her years. The one thing everyone seems to agree on is that they’re intrigued by her. So far, her name has not been revealed, but what is known about her is that she’s been dealing with a serious health condition, and the treatment caused her hair to fall out and her figure to balloon. Instead of going into a depression, the woman remembered the Lolita dresses she loved so much in her youth, and how she had never gotten the chance to wear them. Finding that style of attire in her size proved difficult, so she began making them herself. She may not have perfect hair or an enviable figure, but the confidence the Little Princess of Anfu Road exudes has been winning her legions of admirers. Gone are the snarky and negative comments on her photos. Now, everyone sings her praises for living her dream without worrying about what anyone else says. We could all use a little more of that.