The Unusual Way You Can Eat Prunes

Prunes are mistreated, suffering a kind of blatant respect that none of the other dried fruits are subjected to. Okay, so their high fiber content might make you poop, but since when is that a bad thing? It’s time to embrace the dried plum for what it is: an enjoyable treat that’s packing nutrients and sweetness in a single bite. Not convinced? How about popping a few in the freezer? It turns out that frozen prunes are incredible, and despite being in the freezer, they don’t become solid. Fruits that are dried retain roughly 20%-30% of their moisture, so they only freeze semi-solid, whether you leave them in the freezer for an hour or two weeks.Biting through the skin of a regular prune can sometimes be kind of mushy and off-putting. Freezing solves this problem by firming up the flesh inside to be the same texture as the skin. To make yourself a tasty, cold, naturally gluten-free snack, simply buy a package of prunes and put the entire package in the freeze for at least two hours. If you’re absolutely not into prunes, you can do the same thing with any dried fruit.