Cadillac’s New Ultra-Luxurious Electric Car Will Set You Back $300,000

Cadillac — General Motors’ luxury brand — is becoming electric-only. A key part of its plan is the Celestiq, a high-end flagship sedan launching in the near future. After months of teasers, now we know roughly what it will look like. Yesterday, Cadillac unveiled the Celestiq, which matches ultra-luxury heavyweights like Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Cadillac says it will hand-build each Celestiq, producing a mere 500 a year. That’s why the electric vehicle carries a staggering price tag of $300,000. The stretched-out 4-door sedan has a four-quadrant glass roof that lets each passenger independently control the amount of light they want to let into the cabin. The interior is spacious and is jam-packed with screens. There are five LED touchscreens, to be exact, including two entertainment displays facing the back seat. A 55-inch display spans the entire width of the car’s dashboard. It includes a passenger screen with electronic digital blinds, so front-seat passengers can watch videos without distracting the driver. Between its many screens and its bold, sculpted seats, the Celestiq looks like a spaceship out of a 1950s sci-fi movie. The production car will come with an advanced driver-assistance feature called Ultra Cruise, which General Motors says will enable hands-free driving in most environments. While not much is known about the Celestiq’s performance, Cadillac has said it will be all-wheel drive and offer four-wheel steering. The technologies make the Celestiq the most advanced vehicle ever from Cadillac.