Why the Australian Army Hat Slopes On One Side

The “slouch hat” is associated with the Australian Army and refers to its sloping brim. History has it that the origins of the hat began with the Victorian Mounted Rifles — a regiment of Australian forces that served in the Second Boer War — in 1885. The intention of turning up the right side of the hat was to ensure that it wouldn’t be caught during the drill movement “shoulder arms.” By 1890, Australian military officials agreed that all military forces except the artillery corps would wear a looped-up hat that was turned on the right side. The slouch hat became standard issue in 1903 and its brim position was mostly standardized. It quickly became a symbol of the Australian military during World War I and continued to be worn throughout World War II. Today, Army members wear the slouch hat with the brim down to provide additional protection from the sun when not performing ceremonial duties.