George Costanza Wannabe Busted For Bogus Architectural Firm

An upstate New York man, who lived out George Costanza’s fantasy, was busted for posing as an architect and drawing up plans for at least 100 building projects that were successfully completed. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman even dubbed his investigation “Operation Vandelay Industries” in a nod to a classic episode of comic Jerry Seinfeld’s legendary sitcom. During the Season 3 episode “The Boyfriend, Part 1,” co-star Jason Alexander’s character, George Costanza, falsely claimed to have been interviewed for a job as a latex salesman while seeking an extension of unemployment benefits. George said he was seeking work at “Vandelay Industries,” and the name “Art Vandelay” became a running gag throughout the series. It’s also ironic that the suspect in the larceny case, Paul J. Newman, has the same last name as Jerry’s antagonist on the sitcom. Paul J. Newman was sentenced to 2-7 years in state prison and was ordered to pay $115,000 to his victims.