The “Fickle Finger of Fate” Changes the Course of a California Woman’s Life

Some people come into our lives and make them richer. Other people barrel through our lives because they’re rude and we’re in their way. For one woman, it only took one person to do both. Three months ago, LaQuedra Edwards was buying her weekly lottery ticket at a grocery store in Tarzana, Calif., when a rude woman bumped into her, pushing her into the machine she was about to use to buy a lottery ticket. Her finger veered off-course, landing on the button for a $30 scratch-off. Edwards was upset, because she doesn’t have a lot of money and spending $30 on a lottery ticket wasn’t something she would intentionally do. As it turned out, the “fickle finger of fate” ended up doing Edwards a favor. She went out to her car, unhappy about the incident that had just taken place, and scratched off the ticket. She was shocked at what she discovered. She had just won the lotto’s biggest prize, a whopping $10 million. The odds of winning $10 million in that particular scratch-off game were 1 in 3 million.