No More Elvis-Themed Weddings For Las Vegas Chapels

Las Vegas chapels of love that use Elvis Presley's likeness could find themselves learning how to do the Jailhouse Rock. Authentic Brands Group (ABG), the licensing company that controls the name of “The King,” is ordering Sin City chapel operators to stop using Elvis in their wedding ceremonies. With Elvis so closely tied to Vegas' wedding industry, some say the move could decimate their businesses. Kayla Collins, who operates the Little Chapel of Hearts says they are a family-run business and Elvis-themed weddings are their bread and butter. The order to chapels to stop using Elvis couldn’t have come at a worse time. The city’s wedding industry generates $2 billion a year, and officials say Elvis-themed weddings represent a significant number of the ceremonies performed. One chapel last weekend had its Elvis impersonator change into a leather jacket, jeans and a fedora for a "rock 'n' roll" themed ceremony instead. The cease-and-desist order, however, doesn’t translate into legal action against Elvis-themed stage shows in Las Vegas, because impersonating someone for live performances is considered an exception under Nevada’s right of publicity law.