Over-the-counter Hearing Aids Could Be Coming Soon to Local Pharmacies

Some people avoid purchasing hearing aids because of their hefty price tags. Costs for a single hearing aid range from hundreds of dollars to more than $4,000, and Medicare and most private insurers often don’t cover the expense. Not surprisingly, affordability is a significant barrier to purchasing hearing aids. However, that could all change soon, when over-the-counter hearing aids become available at most pharmacies. Affordable OTC hearing aids have the potential to make hearing aids more easily available to people with some degree of hearing loss who may not otherwise be able to afford them. Users also won’t be required to present a prescription from an audiologist or other hearing health professional in order to purchase them. OTC hearing aids are intended to help adults with mild to moderate hearing loss, and for this reason it’s recommended that you consult with a hearing health professional or primary care physician before purchasing an OTC hearing aid.