Netflix Is Cracking Down On Sharing Passwords

With roughly half of all Netflix users sharing passwords with individuals outside of their household and Netflix reporting their first-ever loss of subscribers, it’s no surprise that the streaming giant is looking to crack down on overly generous members eager to give friends a fix for their favorite shows. The company’s recent rollout of measures meant to mitigate users lending passwords to people outside their home has been met with confusion in test markets. Essentially, consumers are hazy on what constitutes a “household” and whether they’re subject to the roughly $3 monthly fee Netflix wants to tack on for sharing a password. Netflix clarified that they consider a “household” to be people living under the same roof. At present, it seems like Netflix will have to rely on the honor system to a degree in order to enforce their updated policies, or consider stricter measures for people accessing accounts outside of a household IP address. Then again, that’s why it’s called a trial.