Would You Pay Top Dollar For Fully-Destroyed Sneakers?

Designer brand Balenciaga recently unveiled a new limited-edition line of footwear so damaged and dirty that most people wouldn’t be caught in public wearing it. There’s such a thing as “distressed clothing” and it can sometimes look fairly nice, but there are times when designers go to far and end up with a really weird product — and Balenciaga has reached that end. While you can pick up a pair of Balenciaga Paris High Top Sneakers for $625, if you’re looking for the heavily destroyed version, you’ll have to shell out $1,850. It’s hard to explain why someone would want a beat-up pair of old Converse sneakers to wear, but even harder to understand why they would be willing to pay such a steep price to look like they live on Skid Row. Fortunately, there are only about 100 pairs available for purchase. With reactions being overwhelmingly negative, it’s likely you won’t have to stand in line to pick up a pair.