When Spiders Prompted An Automobile Recall

In 2011, Mazda recalled about 52,000 Mazda6 sedans in the U.S. because yellow sac spiders were building their nests in part of the fuel system, causing a restriction of the fuel line and leading to fires. Dealers were instructed to inspect and, if necessary, repair the fuel system in the cars. In 2014, the spiders returned. Under the gun, Mazda designed a special spring to prevent spiders from getting into the fuel system. It seems that the yellow sac spider is attracted to gasoline and other hydrocarbons, so they managed to find a way around the spring and again began wreaking havoc on the cars. Mazda finally recognized that keeping spiders out altogether was a pipe dream. No one knows for sure why spiders have been so inclined to put down roots in the Mazda6. It should be noted that spiders have been known to make a home in other manufacturers’ vehicles, but there was something about the Mazda6 that seemed to make it particularly susceptible to spider infestations. Now, the automaker says “no more,” deciding instead of fighting the arachnids to just discontinue the Mazda6 this year. In losing this option in the Mazda lineup, consumers miss out on an option for a family sedan that was praised for its combination of safety and performance.