The Unusual Class That’s a Part of School Curriculums in Finland

Crafts like knitting have long been an integral part of Finnish culture, which is why it’s a part of the school curriculum. Not only is knitting engaging and a fun way to unleash your creativity, it comes with a number of benefits that most people are unaware of. Focusing on monochrome colors and patterns, many people find knitting to be their yoga. Research has shown that knitting not only engages your cognitive skills, it lowers stress levels. A recent study published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy showed that there’s a significant relationship between the act of knitting and feeling calm and happy. Furthermore, the hobby has also been linked to reducing arthritis and relieving chronic pain. Physicians say the repetitive nature of knitting helps your brain relax, while the creative high of actually making something with your hands signals your body to naturally release dopamine, the “feel-good chemical” our body produces to make us happy. Other benefits include lowered blood pressure, reduced anxiety, slowed onset of dementia, reduced isolation and loneliness, and an increased sense of well-being. As the people of Finland say, knitting is a craft that anyone can master.