Old-Time Hacks That Will Surprise You

Thanks to the Internet, you can find helpful hacks involving everything from clever uses for old coffee grounds to homemade alternatives to dry shampoo. While the Internet has made it easier to share recommendations on a large scale, the concept of life hacks is nothing new. There are actually clever hacks that have been around for centuries. For example, Victorian women used to sleep with raw beef on their faces to prevent wrinkles. To prevent the days-old raw beef from going bad, they would leave it outside in the cool air overnight to restore it to its full freshness. Another unorthodox tip is to clean your floors with milk. Hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it. Just add skim milk to the rinse water when cleaning linoleum or ceramic tile floors for a shine without polishing. Believe it or not, white bread can remove an impressive amount of dirt from wallpaper, at least according to the Victorians. Just don’t forget to vacuum up the crumbs when you’re done. Have a set of silver that’s getting a little dingy? Not worry, just cut a potato in half, dampen it in cold water, and polish away. Home-cleaning tips from a bygone age have proved to be more effective than some modern-day methods, but we’re not making any promises.