Beware the Free Fitbit or Apple Watch From Your Insurance Company

Many insurance companies today include fitness programs that either come with a complimentary tracker, allow you to earn a free tracker, or offer discounts towards a device. Not all insurance companies offer the same fitness tracking deals — some let you have a Fitbit or Apple Watch for “free” (with conditions, of course), while others merely provide a discount on the devices. It’s definitely worth checking into, but make sure you read the fine print. Here are some of what the providers are offering.


If you’re under United Healthcare's insurance, you’re eligible for the “Motion” app for iPhone and Android, which comes with a complimentary fitness tracker. However, the company is ready to take all the data it can from you, including health, activity, camera use, local storage, phone dialer, where you touch your screen, sleep data, and nutrition data.

Aetna customers have access to Attain by Aetna, an app available for iPhone and Android, but which requires an Apple Watch to use. That’s why Aetna allows users to snag a mostly free Apple Watch — you’re responsible for the activation fee and sales tax. The downside is that Aetna also requires you to pay for the watch with points earned from workouts and other fitness activity they track over the following 24 months. If you get started and then decide it’s not for you, you’ll need to pay the remaining difference.

If you have Cigna, you can save 25% off an Active & Fit subscription, which is $29 a month, meaning you’ll pay $21.75 a month. That might not sound like an enticing offer, but the subscription comes with a free Fitbit or Apple Watch.

Anthem’s “Blue365” program offers a lot of deals, but a free fitness tracker isn’t one of them. Still, the company will take 22% off the purchase of a new Fitbit, and offers 12 months of Fitbit premium for free.

Humana's Go365 program allows you to earn credits while you work out that you can exchange for rewards like a Fitbit or Garmin. However, without access to the program, it’s not clear how many credits you need to earn the devices or whether those trackers are “free” or simply discounted.