Underwear You Can Wear For Weeks Without Washing

If you’re one of those people who equates phrases like “environmentally friendly” with unwashed hippies, a company named Organic Basics is going to change your mind. The Danish startup is out to make the fashion industry greener by manufacturing underwear that you can wear for a long period of time without washing. The company treats its SilverTech undergarments with Polygiene — a silver chloride-based coating that’s meant to kill 99.9% of bacteria it contacts. Fewer bacteria means less odor. SilverTech garments are made from 100% recycled materials, and the silver chloride coating is integrated into the fabric near the end of the manufacturing process. There’s no official word on how durable that coating might be, but silver’s thermal conductivity is reported to help regulate your body temperature, which might further quell odors. Of course, convenience of this kind doesn’t come cheap. SilverTech boxers cost $65 for a 2-pack, while a 2-pack of women’s thongs or briefs run $59. You could, of course, save yourself a ton of money by just throwing your undies in the freezer overnight.