Is Your Weather App Tracking You?

Many people check the weather forecast daily by using an app, not realizing that doing that compromises their privacy. Weather websites and apps are notorious for gathering your personal information. In fact, a recent study showed that 17 of the 20 weather apps reviewed were gathering data to track devices for advertising purposes, and 14 were using location information to track devices. The reason these websites and apps track your data is because it’s highly lucrative. Location information sold for targeted advertising makes an estimated $21 billion annually. So how do you stop companies from harvesting your weather data for their benefit? One way is to use weather apps from privacy-focused search engines such as Startpage. Startpage allows users to search for weather updates in any location without sharing their IP address and personal data. So, if you want the weather without having to give up your privacy, go with Startpage and you’ll get a good forecast: Sunny with no chance of spying!