Tiny St. Louis Apartment Was a Real Steal For a Strange Reason

A tiny studio apartment in St. Louis hit social media like gangbusters last week, but it wasn’t because everybody wanted to rent it. The apartment, located in the trendy Central West End, has a layout you might expect to find in New York City. With a kitchen-bathroom combo, all you would need to take a shower while cooking a meal would be at your fingertips. That’s because a tub and toilet are right there in the kitchen, alongside the sink and stove. Amazingly, the property actually passed city inspection. In fact, the unit has already been leased out to an apparently happy tenant, who is “thrilled to live in the neighborhood." At only $525 a month, some people might consider the tiny 200-square-foot apartment a steal. According to an analysis of the area, the average rent of a studio in the St. Louis metro area is $555, just above the cost of the unit. Unfortunately, the unit and several others in the building were in violation of city code back in 2015 because they lacked separate bathrooms and kitchens. The owner, however, managed to appeal and get permission to rent the units with the kitchen-bathroom combo.