The World’s Pinkest Person

Everybody has a favorite color, but some people take it more seriously than others. Take actress Kitty Kay Sera, the “world’s pinkest person.” A self-proclaimed “pink flamingo in a world of pigeons,” Kitty hasn’t worn anything other than the color pink for 35 years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Residing in Hollywood, Calif., she’s truly the pink lady of Hollywood Hills. The 54-year-old has admitted to having spent over $1 million on her monochromatic lifestyle, as well as an additional $36,000 annually on pink clothes, trinkets, and other items. Kitty believes the color pink is empowering for her and says pink has become her life. The flashy color even dictates her acting and voiceover career as well. In her contract, Kitty insists that she can only wear pink on camera or in the studio. Regardless, she seems to have no lack of funds when it comes to amassing a collection of all things pink. Other pink mementos include Kitty’s pink clamshell bed, a priceless pink dress formerly owned by Audrey Hepburn, pink soap and shampoo, and even her pink dog, Miss Kisses. If there's any lesson to be learned from Kitty it’s probably her willingness to embrace what makes her happy and let the critics say what they will.