Burglar Gets Wrecked By 72-Year-Old Former Boxer

There’s barking up the wrong tree, and then there’s breaking into the wrong house. In the case of would-be burglar Gregory McCalium, he did both. Thinking he’d found an easy mark when he entered the home of 72-year-old Frank Corti, McCalium received a rude awakening when he was hit by two right hooks. Call it fate, call it bad luck, but McCalium had broken into the home of a former boxing champion. The blows he got from the elderly man were so powerful that McCalium’s mug shot makes him look like he was in a car accident. Even more impressive was the fact that Corti squared off with McCalium completely unarmed. McCalium, on the other hand, had entered the home brandishing a knife and had lunged at Corti as soon as he saw him. Never missing a beat, Corti dodged the lunge and returned fire with a one-two knockout. Not a stranger to violence, Corti secured the area and restrained McCalium until police arrived. What makes the story even more strange is the fact that Corti and McCalium were neighbors. Corti had complained about McCalium’s loud partying and had even called the police on him. Angry and very intoxicated, McCalium decided to try and teach the old man a lesson…...a lesson that went horribly wrong for him. McCalium was charged with breaking and entering and attempted assault and was sentenced to four years in prison. As for the beating McCalium took, the judge in the case said he got what he deserved.