Singapore Clamps Down On Elevator Urination

Singapore is known for its impeccable cleanliness. In fact, one of the things they banned in order to maintain cleanliness was chewing gum. Littering is also something that carries with it stringent enforcement. Aside from these annoyances, there are two offenses that top all others: urinating in elevators and failing to flush the toilet. Not flushing the toilet is more than just a breach of propriety in Singapore, you will be breaking the law if you do so. Expect to pay a fine if you get caught. Don’t even think of urinating in elevators, as they are equipped with Urine Detection Devices (UDD), which detect the scent of urine, setting off an alarm and closing the doors until the police arrive to arrest the offender. The only way to get outside the elevator is to admit your fault. Once you're locked inside the elevator, police will rescue you and will put you in jail. However, aside from the fact that you'll be jailed, you might be fined as well, and it won’t be cheap. So, if you plan on visiting Singapore, leave your chewing gum at home, flush the toilets, and whatever you do…….don’t pee in the elevators.