Ever Wonder What That Extra Lace Hole on Your Tennis Shoes Is For?

How many people learned to tie their shoes using the “bunny ears” method? Some graduate beyond bunny ears and used the more advanced loop, swoop and pull. While there are plenty of ways to learn to tie your shoes when you’re a child, most of us have never been told what the extra lace eyelet at the top of our sneakers are for. It turns out that the extra eyelet is the key to employing a heel lock — also called a lace lock or a runner’s loop. Tied properly, it holds the heel tightly in place, providing support and preventing excess rubbing that might cause blisters. Using the eyelet to create a heel lock is simple: 

  • Lace up your shoes normally. At the top, thread the lace back through the extra eyelet toward the foot. Don’t pull it tight. 
  • You should now have a new loop created by the lace on each side. Thread each lace through the opposite loop. 
  • Pull the laces tight, cinching the two new loops flush with the shoe’s exterior. Tie your shoes normally.