Young Couple Lives Like It’s the 1930s

Modern society is obsessed with progress and novelty, but some people believe the best times are behind us, not ahead of us. One couple found an answer and a cure for modern problems. Ruth and Robert Oestmann decided to throw it back a little and wind their lifestyles back into the 1930s, otherwise known as the Depression era. However, this lifestyle change doesn't depress them. In fact, it’s just the opposite – the couple has managed to find many perks and advantages in going retro. Robert explained that his mother used to collect a lot of antiques, so his appreciation for them came from her. He also loves old movies and would watch them with his grandmother. These days, the couple visits museums and heritage railways to learn about history, and they say it feels right when they’re in historical clothing. Ruth says she was never really into clothing or makeup when she was younger, but when she tried 1940s makeup at an event, she discovered she liked how she looked. It started with makeup, then clothing, and a few years later hair styles. Since she turned 21, she has pretty much stayed on the vintage track. The couple says they get their clothing where they can: vintage clothing shops, flea markets, garage sales, and thrift shops. Without a doubt, the couple's style attracts attention, but they say they enjoy seeing other people’s reactions to them.