The Brilliant Frozen Pizza Trick You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Admittedly, frozen pizza doesn’t always check all the boxes for a healthy dinner, but sometimes throwing a pizza in the oven is all you have the time to do. Have you ever cut into a pizza that’s fresh out of the oven, only to have the toppings and cheese start to slide around and make a mess? This can be caused by trying to slice the pizza while it’s still too hot, but another factor is the topping placement. If there are toppings in the way of your slice lines, it can be difficult to get a clean cut. Plus, wouldn’t you rather have full circles of pepperoni on each slice of pizza rather than uneven pepperoni portions? Here’s the simple solution to that problem. Before you put the pizza in the oven, rearrange the toppings. Imagine where the slice lines will be, then place the toppings on each portion of pizza, leaving space between each slice so you have a clear path to make your cut. Voila! No more cutting through toppings! If you want to kick it up another notch, just throw on extra toppings from whatever you have on hand.