When Doing the Right Thing Pays Off

In 2017, Elmer Alvarez found a $10,000 check on a street in New Haven, Connecticut. Despite being homeless, Alvarez managed to track down real estate agent Roberta Hoskie, whose name was on the check. She was so touched by Elmer’s honesty that she arranged for him to have a place to live and lined up an interview for him with one of her business partners. Not content with that, she even offered him a place at her real estate school free of charge. Roberta said she was once homeless herself, so she understands the difficulty Elmer was going through. Her only requirement from him was that he help another homeless person when he was back on his feet. A year later, Elmer was on the board of directors for Hoskie’s Outreach Foundation, which provides affordable housing for low-to-moderate-income families. It’s a true case of what goes around comes around.