Dash-Mounted Coffee Maker Is Likely the Rarest Volkswagen Accessory Ever

Rare options on vintage cars can add a lot of value. Things like different color combinations or maybe some unique trim piece are interesting, but there’s one accessory that’s downright rare. In 1959, Volkswagen offered a dash-mounted coffee maker. They were sold in both 6V or 12V versions and they were plugged into the cigarette lighter. The porcelain cups that came with it had a metal disc on the bottom that allowed them to stick to the machine magnetically. The dash mount was a simple bracket, which allowed for the pot to quickly be removed and cleaned. The accessory wasn’t cheap — a whopping $136, over $1,200 today. Given the fact that there weren’t Starbucks on every corner in 1959, an in-car coffee machine was not only convenient, but quite the status symbol.