When Celebrities Get Put In Their Place

In 1993, when the hit sitcom Cheers went off the air, the spinoff Frasier began. Frasier not only borrowed on Cheers' good will, it kept much of the Cheers crew and shot on the same soundstage. Peri Gilpin, who was cast as Roz after Lisa Kudrow didn't work out, had appeared in the fourth-to-last Cheers. However, everyone was determined that this was as far as they wanted to take the association, out of fear they wouldn't measure up. Through the years, almost everyone from Cheers has made at least one guest appearance. The notable exception is Kirstie Alley, who called producer David Lee after the concept of the spinoff was announced and coldly informed him that since she is a Scientologist and doesn't believe in psychiatry, she would be unable to appear on the program. His response? “I don’t recall asking.”