Seoul “Aquarium” Is The World’s Largest Anamorphic Illusion

Ads and our dislike of them are somewhat of a universal phenomenon. What would you do if you saw a huge ocean wave coming at you from where you used to see ads all the time? Seoul is home of the largest advertising screen in South Korea, which now serves as an aquarium for a gargantuan, computer-simulated ocean wave in constant motion. The waves are part of the Public Media Series, and it’s a hit. Digital media tech company D’strict made use of a public electronic billboard in Seoul’s COEX Square — a convention and exhibition center that doubles as a gigantic mall in Seoul’s Gangnam District. The way the gargantuan water wave works is that it makes use of anamorphic illusion methods to convey the visuals you see here. It’s an effect that works from a specific vantage point — otherwise, it looks distorted and the sense of reality and depth is gone. Some call this Seoul’s version of Time Square.