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In today’s world, there seems to be more bad news than good news. The truth is, there’s just as much good news out there; the media just isn’t reporting it. If you’re tired of being fed only bad news by the media, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find lighthearted news: inspirational, funny, uplifting and interesting.

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California Mother Is Stunned by Whopping $89,000 Fine for Seashells Her Son Collected from the Beach

Charlotte Russ of Fresno, Calif., was fined $89,000 after her son was caught collecting dozens of clams from Pismo Beach while they were on vacation. The young boy thought he was collecting seashells, but they turned out to be clams, which are highly regulated. If you don’t have a fishing license, clams are off limits. Lt. Matthew Gil of the Department of Fish and Wildlife explained that the regulations are in place so the clams can spawn each year. He went on to say that you can tell a clam from other mollusks based on how hard it is to pull apart their shell. Collecting sand dollars, which are actually dead, and broken seashells are fine, but live clams are prohibited from being removed from the beach. Russ was able to plead her case with a San Luis Obispo County Judge, who agreed to reduce her fine to $500. Her citation was not an isolated incident; last year, 58 tickets were issued for illegal clamming on Pismo Beach. While there were signs posted around the beach warning visitors of the consequences of clamming, Russ said if you don’t know a clam from a seashell, the signs don’t really register.
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Former McDonald’s Chef Claims the Fast-Food Giant Is Making Its Food Bad on Purpose

A former McDonald’s corporate chef has suggested that the fast-food chain is making its burgers bad on purpose in order to keep customers coming back for the more costly items on the menu. Mike Haracz, who worked for the company until 2019, spilled secrets about the fast-food chain’s burgers and prices, claiming that the restaurant is sabotaging its own food. He cited the cheeseburger, which costs $2.89, as being less tasty so that customers will upgrade to the costliest option — a Quarter Pounder at $6.69. Haracz claims he has a flood of information to back up his theory. “Arguably, the Quarter Pounder is the best thing on the menu and is better than some fast-food burgers that actually cook them to order,” said Haracz. Social media users seemed to agree with Haracz, with some saying that all of McDonald’s food is bad.
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Fleet Week Is Here and Thousands of Sailors Are Taking Over New York City

Thousands of sailors have descended on New York City for Fleet Week 2024, bringing multiple ships and dozens of activities for citizens to participate in. Running from May 22-28, Fleet Week brought 11 Navy vessels and nearly 2,300 service members to the Big Apple for the annual tradition. New Yorkers can tour the ships of the Fleet Week Flotilla on the West side of Manhattan between 45th and 49th Streets, and at the Homeport Pier on Staten Island. The annual tradition is an opportunity for civilians to learn more about the military, and for sailors from across the country to experience the city. The annual Parade of Ships kicked off the celebrations on Wednesday when the fleet, including the amphibious assault ship USS Bataan and the Bay-class cutter USCGC Sturgeon Bay, steamed into New York Harbor. A total of 2 U.S. Navy ships, 3 U.S. Coast Guard vessels, 4 U.S. Naval Academy Yard Patrol boats, and ships from Germany are now docked in Manhattan. Now in its 36th year, the annual event has been held in New York City since 1984, with the exception of 2020 and 2021 when the in-person event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and held virtually on social media.

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Daredevil Walks Tightrope Between Los Angeles Skyscrapers

A daredevil risked his life — and arrest — when he walked a tightrope suspended between a pair of graffiti-covered skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles. Ben Schneider posted a clip showing him walking the tightrope suspended between the two skyscrapers at Oceanwide Plaza, a vacant development that has become known as the graffiti towers due to the artwork covering the buildings. The 28-year-old acknowledged that it was scary looking down. “When you get scared, you start to shake, and when you shake, the line shakes and then you fall off,” said Schneider. "That’s when you have to calm your mind." Schneider, who wore a safety harness during the stunt, crossed the nylon rope in about 2 minutes. Police said they were investigating the incident. It was not clear whether Schneider will face any charges.

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