Zillow Gone Wild: The Most Unhinged Listings of All Time

Zillow is best known as a real estate resource, and if you’ve been on it long enough, it’s likely you’ve encountered some listings that may have left you wondering what you’re looking at. Below are some of the most unusual homes that have been listed on the website. Some are worthy of an MTV Cribs spotlight, while others are complete head-scratchers because of their lack of logic. You may see something that catches your eye, whether in amazement or because you’re puzzled.
This looks more like an ad for WD-40, but someone evidently thought this home need a “royal” showing. $600,000
How about a nice Victorian in New Hartford, NY? $595,000

Here’s an 1860 43-room Elizabethan-style manor in Pawling, NY. $6.5 million

This former Cincinnati church has a very gothic exterior and a modern interior. $1.6 million

This home is located on 4½ acres in Herefordshire, UK. $1.7 million

This home in Warwickshire, UK, includes two cottages. $5.7 million

This may be the most perfect mid-century modern home in Sarasota, Fla. $899,000

Here’s your chance to life like a Viking. $821,000

How about a 1950s home? It even has ‘50s appliances! $174,950

Not in the market for a house? How about a mobile home? This one in Fairview, NC is on the market for a mere $210,000.