Man Looks Like a Teenager — Can You Guess His Age?

Brandon Miles May, a medical writer from Detroit, claims his secret to maintaining a youthful appearance has been to stay away from the sun and avoid alcohol. The 35-year-old has left strangers mistaking him for teenager, which has caused him minor problems now and then. Brandon says he’s been looking after his skin since he was just 13 and has made an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. His advice to those wanting to stave off aging: 

  • • Stay out of the sun and protect your skin with UV blockers. 
  • • Eat berries — blueberries, blackberries and strawberries — which act as an anti-inflammatory. 
  • • Eat low-mercury fish such as sardines, which are full of Omega-3. 
  • • Eat organic fruit and vegetables. 
  • • Avoid carbohydrates, sugar and grains. 
  • • Avoid alcohol. 

Brandon says he’s never had any work done, because he’s never needed any. He says he feels it’s important to exercise, but doesn’t do anything too heavy in order to avoid straining his body. Instead, he relies on walking, yoga and some strength training. “I want to feel good, and feeling young is part of looking young,” he said. Brandon does have one guilty pleasure: he eats chocolate every single day, making sure it’s 92% to 100% cacao. He also confessed that sometimes when he goes out for dinner, he will splurge and have bread and olive oil. There’s no arguing with this process when you look at him.