Identical Twin Sisters Who Have the Same Job, Car and Dog Move Into Matching Homes

Identical twin sisters Stephanie Buckman and Sammie Nowakowski, of Jacksonville, Fla., have the same job, the same car model, the same dog breed, and now they have matching homes…….right next door to each other. The pair have lived mirror-image lives since they were born. The 30-year-olds both work as physician assistants at the same clinic, they met their husbands on the same day, and were pregnant at the same time, having their babies just 3 weeks apart. Even their Golden Retrievers are brothers from the same litter. Now, their homes also reflect their eternal bond. While the exteriors of their homes look a bit different because they have different elevations, the interiors are identical — right down to the same sofas, coffee tables, leather chairs, TV consoles, and dining room tables. The women admit that they share the same taste — very neutral — and always end up picking out the same things. Even their cars are identical, both Jeeps. “Growing up as little girls, we always dreamed of living next door to each other,” said Stephanie. Now, their dream has come true.