Astonishing Cost of Food in the Hamptons

With vacation season well underway, the millionaires enclave known as the Hamptons is filled with vacationers from nearby New York City. While high food prices are affecting the nation in general, the wealthy residents of the Hamptons are coughing up $20 for 2 tomatoes — and they weren’t even locally grown — and nearly $30 for a container of guacamole. Food prices in the area have become a talking point on social media, with people posting their nightmare purchases, which includes: 

  • • $35 for an order of chicken tenders with chipotle mayo. 
  • • $42 for grilled shrimp. 
  • • $32 for chips and guacamole. 
  • • $25 for a bag of granola. 
  • • $34.99 for a pound of tuna salad. 
  • • $29.98 for a 2-quart container of strawberries……on sale! 
  • • $11.99 for a bag of cookies. 
  • • $56 for 6 croissants and 2 bags of Swedish Fish candies. 

The Wall Street Journal states that prices in the Hamptons have risen between 30% and 50% since 2020. In defense, many of the stores indicated that they pay more for high-quality ingredients, don’t charge fees for credit cards, and don’t allow tipping. Author and business owner Barbara Kavovit said she visited 2 stores while in the Hamptons and spent $600 on a grocery haul. Locals claim the recent wave of wealthy residents is “ruining the Hamptons,” citing an increase in the cost of housing, dining and transportation.