Zoo Fails In Weight Loss Efforts To Help Pudgy Leopard

A Chinese zoo has given up on its plans to help an overweight leopard lose weight, after 2 months of diet and exercise have yielded virtually no results. The leopard, known as “Officer Clawhauser” — a reference to the overweight police officer in Disney's animated film Zootopia — became an overnight Internet sensation after photos and videos of the animal went viral. After receiving criticism from the public, officials at the Panzhihua Park Zoo promised to make changes to the leopard’s diet in an effort to help him slim down. Despite tearing down an enclosure to double the leopard’s exercise space, putting him on a strict diet, and adjusting his feeding schedule, the big cat didn’t lose any weight at all. So, after consulting with experts, they decided he was simply too old to change, and the best thing to do was to let him be. Leopards can live up to 23 years in captivity and Officer Clawhauser is 16 (60-70 in human years). Aside from his girth, recent checkups have given him a clean bill of health. Zoo officials say as long as Office Clawhauser is healthy and happy, he’s fine.