Woman Salvages Old Junk and Makes Thousands Flipping Furniture

Forget flipping houses — Molly Harris rakes in thousands flipping furniture. The 32-year-old found her passion in turning tired, discarded trash into another person’s treasure. The mother-of-two started restoring furniture when her neighbors left some pieces on the side of the road and she snatched them up. Despite having no prior experience with furniture flipping, Harris has now amassed nearly 28,000 followers on Instagram. She began by watching furniture flipping tutorials online and trying out different methods on her own pieces, and she hasn’t looked back. Not only does furniture flipping bring in some extra income, it allows her the flexibility to homeschool her two children. Depending on the piece, flipping can take anywhere from 6 hours to a week. Harris said she tries to make at least one flip a week. She currently makes an average of $500 a week — around $2,000 a month — and in 4 months has flipped over 16 pieces of furniture. The extra income is a tremendous help, especially for something Harris does in her spare time. She bought a sander, sprayer and drill for under $200 and grabs most of her pieces from the side of the road, from junk yards, and from online sites like Facebook Marketplace. Harris says that furniture flipping requires blood, sweat and tears, and some elbow grease, but claims the payoff is worth it. All of her refurbished furniture is sold on Facebook Marketplace because she doesn’t want to get into the shipping business.
Dresser bought for $50 and sold for $550

Dresser bought for $50 and sold for $650

Dresser bought for $40 and sold for $400