Why You Shouldn’t Keep Plastic Wrap in a Drawer

If you’ve used plastic wrap before, chances are you’ve struggled with the universal problem — the sticky food saver is just too sticky. You’re trying to stick it to the bowl or pan, but the wrap seems to be a lot more interested in sticking to itself. Since you should never wrap your leftovers in aluminum foil, you’re stuck wrestling with the thin sheets of plastic. The problem may not be your brand, it might just be how you’re storing it. Most people slide their plastic wrap in a kitchen drawer or cupboard, right next to the aluminum foil or wax paper, but there’s a better place for it. Store your plastic wrap in the freezer. The cold air makes the plastic wrap much easier to handle. By freezing the plastic wrap, the molecular structure of it changes, causing the surface to weaken chemical bonds. The cold will also eliminate some of the static electricity, which helps prevent the plastic from sticking to itself. Now that your plastic wrap is a lot less sticky, it will unroll a lot more quickly than you are used to, so be sure to use the tabs on the sides of the box to help control the roll in order to keep from pulling out half the plastic wrap in one go.