Walmart Customers Threaten To Boycott Over Upgrade To Shopping Carts

Walmart is changing its shopping carts at its 4,600 stores, but customers who have used them aren’t happy. The new shopping carts include extra features such as a cup holder and an area to place cell phones or a grocery list. While the convenience of specific storage might have been a hit with some customers, many were left annoyed by the increase in the height of the carts. The handle is now about 3½ inches higher, which shorter people say is annoying. There’s an even bigger problem for short people with children. The child seat is almost 8 inches taller than in the old carts, meaning some customers may not be able to see where they’re going. As indicated in the photo below, one mother took to social media to show how the new carts put her eye-to-eye with her daughter. Representatives of Walmart say the design of the new carts is to enhance the customers’ shopping experience. It remains to be seen whether negative backlash will send the discount store backpedaling.