Transforming America’s Ugliest Home

A unique Minnesota home has been dubbed the “Ugliest House in America” — but after a complete renovation, some critics say the property has lost its charm. The two-story “technicolor nightmare” home in St. Cloud was built in 1940 and dubbed the least attractive in the country by HGTV. The show Ugliest House in America, hosted by comedian Retta, described the house as “a patchwork of strange design, weird construction, and questionable color choices.” The homeowners bought the teal green, 2017-square-foot house sight-unseen for $250,000. The exterior appears to be built out of painted cinder blocks and features two castle-like towers and a yellow arched door. Inside, the front room is floor-to-ceiling pink with wall-to-wall pink carpeting. There’s also a breakfast nook and a pink-cushioned window seat. Alison Victoria, host of HGTV’s Windy City Rehab undertook a $150,000 makeover of the eyesore. After the renovation, the exterior was seen as white with black trim and accents to reflect the new color pallet inside. Lots of carpeting was ripped up and replaced with wood flooring, and wall treatments were added to cover up the cinder blocks. After the transformation, social media users expressed mixed reactions to the changes, with many claiming that the new look destroyed the house’s charm. One user commented, “They turned it into a Pinterest page,” while another quipped, “They gave it the sad beige treatment.”