Seattle Man Lived In An All-Inclusive Resort For a Month To See If It Was Cheaper Than Paying Rent

Ben Keenan was fed up with the soaring cost of rent and groceries when he made the decision to try living at an all-inclusive resort for a month to see if it was cheaper. Over a period of 27 days at the Ocean Riviera Paradise resort in Mexico’s Playa del Carmen, Keenan uploaded videos showing his daily routine and estimated costs, following a Monday-Friday routine to keep it comparable to his regular life. Costs included lodging, food, drinks, events, and amenities such as gym membership. He noted that his room had the same square footage as his apartment in Seattle. He estimated that in his normal life he would spend around $4,100 a month, which includes $2,300 for rent, $200 for utilities, and $270 for his car payment. At the end of his trip, Keenan’s total cost at the resort, excluding airfare, was $4,900. While the resort cost him $800 more than his normal expenses, Keenan pointed out that his trip was a last-minute decision and he could have saved at least $400 if he had booked his room earlier. He also pointed out that the resort included benefits such as events, a pool, room service, and housekeeping.