Save a Dog With Your Pacemaker

According to the ASPCA, 10% of all dogs and 75% of senior dogs die from congestive heart failure or heart disease. Just like humans, dogs can also benefit from pacemakers. In fact, human pacemakers work in dogs. The good news is that humans with pacemakers can specify in their will that their pacemaker can be removed and donated to save a dog’s life. A University of Minnesota study showed that 86% of dogs survived up to a year after having a pacemaker installed, with a 65% survival rate 3 years later. Whether your pacemaker can be donated depends on a number of factors, including the battery life left and its age. Your doctor and the veterinary clinic you work with can help you understand whether your pacemaker is eligible for donation to a pup. There are two common ways people transfer their pacemakers to a dog. The first is to have their will modified so that when they pass away, there are instructions to have it removed and sent to the clinic of their choice. The other is to request that their doctor save the pacemaker for donation when theirs is being replaced or upgraded. There’s no shortage of programs and places you can donate your pacemaker, so when your pacemaker is no longer needed, you can donate it to save a furry friend's life.