Nearly Finished Condo To Be Demolished For Spoiling the View of Mount Fuji

Major Japanese developer Sekisui House Ltd. said Monday that it will demolish a nearly completed condominium in western Tokyo, just weeks before transfer to purchasers, after nearby residents complained that the building partially blocks their view of Mount Fuji. Sekisui House Ltd., based in Osaka, said it decided to take down the 10-story, 18-unit condominium in Kunitachi, built along a street known for the view of the iconic 12,388-foot peak, due to "insufficient consideration for the impact on the scenery.” The rare move came despite the developer having held meetings with the residents on the matter and made changes to the structure from the initial plan, such as reducing the number of floors from 11 and lowering the height of each floor. Construction of the condominium began in January 2023 and most of the units were sold for around $445,000. Sekisui House Ltd. said the construction costs and dismantling fee are extraordinary losses.