Nail Expert Reveals a Bad Habit That’s Ruining Women’s Fingernails

Manicurists are warning their clients to stop picking their nail polish off immediately if they want to avoid irreparable damage to their nail beds. Peeling away polish and/or synthetic treatments like gels or shellac causes micro-trauma for the nail, and ripping it off literally takes layers off your natural nails. This, in turn, thins the nail and leads to further damage and potential infection. Doctors are also warning against the act, saying it has a detrimental effect on the nail bed and root, which sees critical blood and nutrients flow reduced. For those who have already caused significant damage by picking their nail polish off, hope is not lost. There’s plenty that can still be done to aid repair and improve growth. Apply a topical treatment or oil twice a day to soften the nails. Use a penetrating nail hardener, preferably one made without formaldehyde. Manicurists warn that synthetic nails can be addictive, so it’s important to break the cycle for a sustained period to allow your nail health to be restored. Diet is also important — silicium, which helps nails to grow faster and be more resistant, can be found in vegetables, particularly garlic and onions.