Millionaire Sets Fire to His Own Home Just to Spite His Wife

British millionaire and pro golfer Francis McGuirk narrowly avoided jail time for reportedly setting fire to his family home in an effort to prevent his soon-to-be-ex-wife from getting it following their separation. The 50-year-old entered the home, locked himself inside, and texted his wife to let her know he was about to torch the house. Thanks to neighbors calling the fire department, the house only suffered minor damage. McGuirk made sure that his children and the family dog were not in the house before carrying out his plan. Police were called to the residence, where McGuirk refused treatment for minor burns. Although the judge in the case was convinced that McGuirk set fire to the family home out of spite, he also took into account the defendant’s claim that he planned to take his own life. McGuirk walked away with a 2-year suspended sentence, but was warned that if he committed so much as one offense during the 2-year period, he would immediately go to prison.