Knee Surgeon’s Warning To Gardeners

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Eric Grossman has a warning for gardeners: The key to healthy knees is to preserve and protect the structures we’re born with. In particular, the cartilage cushion is very sensitive and vital to preservation. Gardening is a fun and rewarding activity, but it can be tough on your knees. That’s why Dr. Grossman recommends using knee pads for extra support. There are several options to choose from when searching for knee pads for gardening. For instance, foam knee pads are ideal for light gardening tasks such as weeding or deadheading, while heavy-duty knee pads are better suited for more strenuous activities such as digging or planting. Knee pads can be made from several materials, including gel, foam, or rubber. Consider the type of gardening you do when choosing a pair of knee pads and choose a pair that provides you with proper support and cushioning. Knee pads ensure that your knees will be protected from pressure, and the waterproof material prevents moisture from seeping in and causing skin irritation. Gardening is a challenging enough activity, but it can become downright discouraging if you have to worry about knee pain.