Walgreens Limits Sales of New "Peelable" Candy After It Goes Viral On Social Media

Walgreens has been forced to limit sales of its own brand of peelable candy after a video about the sweet treat went viral on TikTok. Customers are now only able to purchase one bag of Gummy Mango peelable candy when they shop online. The candy is part of Walgreens’ Nice! brand and retails for $1.99 both in-store and online. There’s also a pineapple flavor of the treat. Walgreens responded by expanding their inventory of the mango candy to 8,000 stores. The candy was first released last fall to 2,500 stores, but after the video went viral, it sold out nationwide in days. Opinions about the candy widely vary, with one social media comment reading, “Tastes like chemicals, it’s so bad, do not buy,” while another said they are “yummy and fun to eat.”