These Sinister Signs May Make You Feel Slightly Threatened

Everywhere you go, there are signs sharing information, warning you about dangers, and giving you instructions. At best, they’re informational; at worst, annoying. However, there’s a whole different category that borders on sinister. These signs offer creepy notices that are easily misunderstood, sometimes frightening, and occasionally a little on the inappropriate side. Here we’ve gathered some of the worst signs that have been shared on social media that will give you a chuckle or perhaps make you a little nervous.

This sign is the epitome of inappropriate signs.

The importance of letter placement is illustrated perfectly by this message, which should have been supportive, but instead reads as threatening.

A classic example of how using words that have more than one meaning can be confusing. Perhaps the writer should have just said “litter.”

At least this sign is clear, leaving readers no doubt that passing it will not end well for them.

It’s difficult to tell whether this sign is meant to be taken as caring advice or as a threat.

Simple error or a killer train that literally murders commuters?

This is what happens when you neglect your sign lighting. Perhaps people would understand better if they saw what the burned out lights eliminated……”mask."