The London Marathon……and Then There Were 6

There is a group of men whose common denominator is the London Marathon. Back in 1981, a group of 42 runners took part in the inaugural race of what is now one of the top 10 marathons in the world. Chris Finill, Michael Peace, Bill O’Connor, Jeffrey Aston, David Walker, and Malcolm Speake are the current members of the group "Ever Present." In most cases, they have less hair, less teeth, and less ability than they did in the beginning, but their driving force, dedication, and perseverance are still there. One thing is for certain, they are all 40 years older, and some might say 40 years wiser. After the 15th London Marathon in 1995, the group was acknowledged by the powers that be and were awarded with a special commemorative medal, a sweatshirt, and guaranteed acceptance for future London Marathons. The original 42 have now been whittled down to 6. These 6 have competed in all 44 London Marathons, sometimes quicker and sometimes slower. They are all marathoners and all have personal bests inside 3 hours. They cover the whole spectrum of today’s athletics, they come from all walks of life, and most are now retired. The one thing they say that keeps them going is looking forward to the next London Marathon.