The Crowded Island That 1,000 People Call Home

Likened to a giant armor-plated turtle because the tin roofs are so tightly packed together, Migingo Island is considered one of the most crowded outcrops in the world. The stone-capped island, which is barely half the size of a football field, is located on the northeastern side of Lake Victoria and sits on the border between Uganda and Kenya. To access the island, visitors must pay police a $250 access fee, which is due to piracy in the area. The tiny town is home to one small supermarket, four pubs, and a pharmacy. The main source of income is fishing, with the villagers selling Nile perch for $150 a pound to international markets. Migingo has a density of more than 65,500 people per square mile, which makes it one of the most densely populated islands in Africa and the world.