The City Where Housekeepers Are Raking In $150,000 a Year

Housekeepers in Florida are making 6-figure salaries as masses of America's elite flock to the Sunshine State. Palm Beach maids and butlers are earning up to $150,000 a year as the demand for them from new residents far outweighs the current supply from staffing companies. The influx of wealthy new residents and growing tourism has created a competitive market where housekeeper salaries jumped from about $25 an hour in 2020 to $50 an hour this year. The new hefty price tag for quality help often comes as a shock to new residents who often say they won’t pay that. After looking around for housekeepers who will work for less, they find out the hard way that there’s no way around the $50-per-hour starting salary. The average household income in Palm Beach is $332,764, with a staggering median home value of $1.5 million. Housekeepers there, making an average of $150,000 a year, also have benefits, including 401(k) plans, healthcare and overtime pay. Ultra-high net worth people who want the best are willing to pay for it. If you have a home that's worth $100 million, that's an investment. They want smart people managing them. High-end professional housekeepers are not going to ruin your imported carpet from Italy or nick your top-of-the-line marble countertops. When it comes to housekeepers, you truly get what you pay for.