Strange Bus Has 3 Decks, a Bunch of Car Doors, and a Limousine Interior

History is full of legendary and iconic coaches and transit buses, but none of them come close to the Al Munir Super International Limousine Plus sleeper bus. It’s a wild creation of three decks of luxury for passengers traveling between cities in Pakistan, and the lowest deck features a series of car doors that lead to private rooms. The bus service has been running since 1983 between Quetta and Karachi. The trip takes an average of 10 hours, which is why people don’t mind springing for the private rooms. The bus is 41 feet long and powered by a 9.7-liter turbo-diesel inline-6 with 375HP. The drive-train feeds from a generous 158-gallon fuel tank and everyone gets a cushy ride thanks to a 6-airbag suspension. Where the baggage compartments would normally be are a set of fully-operational car doors that lead into private rooms, complete with a bed, television, refrigerator, and electric blankets. The upper decks contain sleeping berths that contain a small galley that holds food and various drinks for passengers. Tickets start at 9,190 PKR ($32.74) one way.