Pizza Hut Is Getting Into the Burger Business

Pizza Hut is getting into another fast food that’s popular with Americans: burgers. The chain introduced the Cheeseburger Melt to its menu nationwide on Tuesday. While it has all the ingredients you might find in a burger at Wendy’s or McDonald’s, the Cheeseburger Melt is actually a burger-pizza hybrid. It’s filled with beef, bacon, onions, and cheese like any normal cheeseburger, but the beef comes in smaller chunks rather than as a patty and it's all inside a folded-over pizza crust instead of a bun. Pizza Hut’s “Burger Sauce” is served on the side, which is thought to be modeled after McDonald’s famous Big Mac sauce. The Cheeseburger Melt is also part of the new My Hut Box offer, which is $6.99 at participating restaurants. The deal lets customers pick between Melts or a two-topping Personal Pan Pizza, plus a side of fries or four boneless wings and a 20-oz drink.